Is There One More Market Rally Ahead? (Links - 7/23/2011)

Exclusive: John Paulson says bets were too aggressive - (Reuters
  • He's trimming his net long position to 50% from 81%;
  • Moving away from bank holdings with heavy mortgage exposure;
  • and increased his bet that the euro currency would fall as a hedge against further fallout from Europe's debt crisis"

Felix Zulauf on the inevitability of further crisis in Europe (Credit Writedowns)

"In the short run, Felix says, the plan, as we've seen, allows investors to exhale and markets to rally. But once the touch of euphoria plays itself out, the omens are anything but bright."

FX Concepts’ Taylor Sees One More ‘Risk Rally’ Before Recession Takes Hold - (Bloomberg)

Bob Janjuah: Euphoric In The Short-Term, Apocalyptic In The Longer (Zero Hedge)

Howard Marks on the U.S. Debt Ceiling: Oaktree Capital Commentary - "Down to the Wire" - (MarketFolly)

Resource Limitations 2: Separating the Dangerous from the Merely Serious, July 2011 (By Jeremy Grantham, founder of GMO Capital) - (GMO LLC)

Goldman's Complete Summary Of The European Council Decisions - (Zero Hedge)

I’m Gonna Tell You How It’s Gonna Be… "A chilling head-fake sell-off followed by new highs for equities." (The Reformed Broker)

Read these reports..

"Strategic Investment Conference: Luminaries In Finance Presentation Series: Part 2 - David Rosenberg" April 2011 - (Zero Hedge)

"Strategic Investment Conference: Luminaries In Finance Presentation Series: Part 1 - Gary Shilling" April 2011 - (Zero Hedge)