China's 5Y CDS Broke Out To Early 2009 Levels, FXI at 2010 Support Level (Charts/Links)

China 5Y CDS vs. FXI (see below)
China's 5-year credit default swap spread (CDS), or cost to insure its government bonds (or really credit risk that trades since China can always print Yuan), broke out to levels not seen since early 2009 this week (113 basis points on 8/8/2011). The CDS market is smarter than the rest, so I'm wondering what this means. It looks like FXI (iShares China 25 Index) and China 5Y CDS are inversely correlated, so does that mean FXI breaks through 2010 support at $35? Or will China hold on here. FXI is 50% weighted in financials. See charts below.

Why is China's sovereign credit risk rising? I remember last month Moody's released a report that said China's National Audit Office "could be understating banks' exposures to local governments" by $540 billion and said "these loans are most likely poorly documented and may pose the greatest risk of delinquency". According to The Diplomat (via Business Insider), China's Debt/GDP ratio could be much higher than reported (70-80% instead of 20%). Other than that, global economic growth is slowing, China is slowing, asset markets have been crashing globally, U.S's credit rating got downgraded (China owns $1.2 trillion of Treasurys and have a large portion of their $3.2 foreign reserves denominated in U.S. Dollars), the Dollar/Yuan peg hit new lows, PBOC has been raising rates and reserve requirements to try to curb inflation. So maybe all of this is starting to be priced in. Read all of these articles below on China's economy (and see FXI/China CDS charts).

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China 5Y CDS vs. FXI (Courtesy

FXI (courtesy of

China 5Y Credit Default Swap Spread (courtesy

UPDATE 10/11/2011: FXI did in fact break down!

China 5Y CDS Breakout Predicted FXI Breakdown, Sovereign CDS Info (Charts):