David Rosenberg's Views On The Stock Market, Economy and Fed Meeting

David Rosenberg, chief market strategist and economist at Gluskin Sheff, shared his views on the market, economy and tomorrow's Fed meeting on Bloomberg TV last week (8/5/2011). Watch the clip below.

*John Mauldin posted his full "Breakfast With Dave" report at Pragmatic Capitalism which is a good read.

"As we had suggested in recent weeks, a U.S. downgrade was going to likely be more negative for the equity market than Treasuries, and that is exactly how the week is starting off. The reason is that history shows that downgrades light a fire under policymakers and the belt-tightening budget cuts ensue, taking a big chunk out of demand growth and hence profits. It is not just the United States — the problem of excessive debt is global, from China to Brazil to many parts of Europe. And let’s not forget the Canadian consumer." -David Rosenberg [continue reading]