Libyan Opposition Forces Now In Control of Tripoli (Al Jazeera English Video Clips)

According to Al Jazeera English, Tripoli is now in the hands of the opposition, but there are still pro-Gaddafi "sleeper cells". Muammar Gaddafi, and his sons Saif and Mohammed, have been detained by rebel forces (Update: Saif escaped! See below). Gaddafi's 40 year regime could be over. Watch the the events unfold live in Tripoli's Green Square, Benghazi's Freedom Square and Misrata on Al Jazeera English. I embedded video clips below. Also monitor the Twitter conversation on Gaddafi.

Zeina Khodr reports live from Green Square in Tripoli, the capital of Libya (Al Jazeera English)

Jacky Rowland reports live from Benghazi

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