Links 9/7/2011 (Yahoo, Eurozone, Swiss Franc, Jim Rogers, Bill Gross)

Swiss Central Bank Move 'Huge Mistake': Jim Rogers (CNBC)

Swiss Franc Ceiling (1.20) May Not Heal Eastern Europe Mortgage Pain (Bloomberg)

In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself (New York Times)
“This crisis has the potential to be a lot worse than Lehman Brothers,” said George Soros"

Bill Gross of PIMCO: ‘Helicopter Ben’ risks destroying credit creation (Financial Times)

Obama Said to Seek $300 Billion Jobs Package (Bloomberg)

CMA: Greece Cumulative Probability of Default is 88% (PragCap)

Albert Edwards Says It's Time To "Stiffen Up The Sinews, Summon Up The Blood, And Gird Your Loins" (Business Insider)

Chris Whalen: Bank Of America Should Declare Bankruptcy (Business Insider)

Banks Took $6B in Reinsurance Kickbacks, Investigators Say (American Banker) h/t @rcwhalen

Comstock Partners: Market volatility and double dip mean re-test of March 2009 low (Credit Writedowns)

German Court Rejects Challenges to Euro Bailouts (Spiegel)

Fee for Greek collateral is chief issue -sources (Reuters)
"Finland appeared broadly to have accepted this, but Slovenia and Slovakia wanted collateral without any form of penalty, two sources said."

Video: Greek debt collateral deal ready end September, says Van Rompuy (

Germany’s High Court Decision Changes Nothing (PragCap)

Henry Blodget: Announcing Our Offer For Yahoo! (Business Insider)
"We offer to allow Yahoo to buy Business Insider, Inc., for $150 million. And we offer to allow Yahoo to then appoint us acting CEO of the company."

Loans Yielding More Than Bonds for First Time Ever, Bank of America Says (Bloomberg)

Funding at BNP, Societe Generale Is ‘Skewed’ to Short Term, Barclays Says (Bloomberg)