Links: Greece Default Risk, French Banks, Jim Rogers (CNBC), China's Empty City, ECB

Linkfest for 9/11/2011 (R.I.P to the innocent lives lost during the 9/11/2011 attacks). Market Update: EUR/USD is at 1.35870 -0.49%, Japan's Nikkei Index is down 1.9% at 8,572, Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index is down 3% at 19,270, and the E-mini S&P September 2011 Future is down 1% at 1,146.

Germany May be Ready to Surrender Over Greece (Bloomberg)

Greek ‘Orderly’ Default Can’t Be Ruled Out, Roesler Tells Welt (Bloomberg)

Greece Announces New Tax As Unrest Flares (DJ @ Nasdaq)

Moody's May Downgrade Top French Banks (WSJ)

Goldman's Complete Economic Outlook From Now Through 2012 (Business Insider)

China's empty city of Ordos (Al Jazeera English Video + embedded after the jump)

The Party is Over (iBankCoin)

Jim Rogers (on CNBC) Explains Why He Is Short Stocks, Long Commodities, And Wants Europe To Fail (Zero Hedge)

China official: Swiss intervention won't work (Market Watch)

The investor’s dilemma: Earnings, valuation and what to do now (Barry Ritholtz @ Washington Post)

Europe Banks Valued at Post-Lehman Low (Bloomberg)

Chinese imports at record high as trade surplus narrows (BBC)

Goldman Sachs: Some European Banks are Toast (Tyler Durden at Wall Street Cheat Sheet)

Jim O'Neill Bets The (Horse) Farm On Chinese Decoupling All Over Again (Zero Hedge)

Goldman Calls For QE In Europe: "How Far Can The ECB Go In Using Its Balance Sheet. The Short Answer Is: A Lot Further" (Zero Hedge)

Synthetic ETFs under the microscope (Morningstar Analysts @ Professional Advisor Hong Kong)

World Bank Unit Invests in Hedge Fund (Financial Times at CNBC)

Draghi’s Hands May Be Tied on ECB Stimulus (Bloomberg)

*ECB Dealt Blow as Executive Board Member Stark Resigns Before End of Term -protested bond purchases (Bloomberg)

Dan Loeb of Third Point's Letter to Yahoo Board $YHOO (Deal Breaker)

Extra: Watch Dan Loeb give a speech in August 2009 (Wall Street Oasis)

Max Keiser Interviews Karl Denninger of (iBankCoin Financial News)

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: Cutting 1,900 jobs, 7 state institutions (Business Week)

Source: Al Jazeera English on Youtube