Links: IMF Projections, Hugh Hendry, Fitch on Greece, Chanos, Grantham, EUR/USD, China

IMF Real GDP Projections (report)
Troika makes ‘good progress’ on Greek deal (Financial Times)

Greece to default but not leave euro zone-Fitch (Reuters)

Greece Raises €1.65 billion in 13-week T-Bill Auction (WSJ)

China voices confidence in Europe after Italy downgrade (Reuters)

Brazil Says Europe Must 'Save Itself' (Reuters)

Kynikos's Jim Chanos Discusses European Debt Crisis (Bloomberg Video)

Chanos on China's Economy, Debt, Real Estate Market (Bloomberg Video)

French Bank Stocks Accelerate Losses In Afternoon Trade (WSJ) 9/20/2011

Fitch report on European banks and market turmoil (Reuters)

Grantham: ‘No market for young men’: Market veteran blasts income inequality, buys blue-chip stocks (MarketWatch)

China growth fears boost Hendry’s fund (Financial Times via London Spectator)

Barclays sees EUR/USD at 1.33 in 1 month, 1.25 in 3 months (RanSquawk)

Copper broke below the August low, near April 2010 high and Nov 10 low (

Hang Seng (HSI) drops to 2-year low on European default fears (China Daily)

Can China escape as world's debt crisis reaches Act III? (Telegraph)

China Can Roll Out $728 Billion Stimulus, Deutsche Bank Says (SF Gate)

China's property market cooling (China Daily)

IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO): "Slowing Growth, Rising Risks" September 2011 ( (below is a snapshot of their Real GDP projections)

Inside Amazon's warehouse (

"The global economy is in a dangerous new phase. Global activity has weakened and become more uneven, confidence has fallen sharply recently, and downside risks are growing."

Analysis: China military growth to boost arms sales to Asia (Reuters)

CDS Traders Haven't Lost Their Shirts, But They Can Be Naked (TF Market Advisors at ZeroHedge)
"Which leads to the logical conclusion that as much CDS as possible should be forced onto exchanges. I can't help but look at the volumes that trade for ES (S&P stock futures) and wonder why it can't be done for CDS. The volumes for stock futures are massive and the volatility is higher than that of CDS "prices"."