Watch Humanoid Robots Play Ping-Pong, People Juggle Hologram Balls (HoloDesk 3D by Microsoft)

Start off your Friday watching humanoid robots, built by Zhejiang University, play ping-pong with each other (and a human), and then watch people juggle hologram balls and stack virtual blocks using Microsoft's HoloDesk. DV has been tracking the progress of humanoid robot and hologram technology. Hat tip Zero Hedge and Huffington Post for these videos.

Developed by Zhejiang University

"HoloDesk is a novel interactive system combining an optical see through display and Kinect camera to create the illusion that users are directly interacting with 3D graphics. A virtual image of a 3D scene is rendered through a half silvered mirror and spatially aligned with the real-world for the viewer. Users easily reach into an interaction volume displaying the virtual image. This allows the user to literally get their hands into the virtual display. A novel real-time algorithm for representing hands and other physical objects, which are sensed by the Kinect inside this volume, allows physically realistic interaction between real and virtual 3D objects."

See more videos at the MicrosoftResearch youtube channel