Intense Euro Linkfest, Charts (Banks, Economy, Bond Yields, EUR/USD) - 11/23/2011

So much is going on in Europe right now that it's hard to keep track. Here's a linkfest on the fly with a few charts (EUR/USD, 10-year German Bund yield). The 10-year German Bund yield is at 2.06%, up 7.56%, and EUR/USD is at 1.34027, down 0.46%. It was below 1.34 earlier this morning. Read the articles below and also see Eurozone PMI charts.


10-Year German Bund Yield (Bloomberg)

This Is What A Wholesale Dumping Of Europe Looks Like (including German bunds) - Business Insider
German 10-year bond auction a 'disaster - Reuters
German bond sale fails to attract buyers - FT
The bund that broke the Bundesbank - FT Alphaville
German Bond Auction Falls Flat - WSJ (possibly sub)
Just Like That, People Are Suddenly Talking About Germany's Own Fiscal Problems - BusinessInsider
LVL 100 million shortage turns up at Krajbanka (Latvia) - Baltic News Network (h/t @finansakrobat)
Dexia Assets as Percentage of France, Belgium GDP - Thomson Reuters Chart (ht/ @AnjuliDavies)
Dexia Bailout On Verge Of Collapse, Threatens To Take France AAA Rating Down With It - Zero Hedge
France, Belgium wrangle about Dexia deal -papers - Reuters
Dexia rescue plan is not feasible - (have to translate)
Interventions and bank queues in Eastern Europe - FT Alphaville
Bank of Greece: Nation may be driven out of euro - MarketWatch
Greece Really Is On The Brink Of Default Right Now - BusinessInsider
Portugal may need 25 billion euros more in bailout: ex official - Reuters (ht @quantshoptrader)
Poland Intervenes Again to Boost Zloty, More Action Likely - WSJ
Joint Eurobonds Will Happen: Irish Finance Minister -
Euro-Region Industrial Orders Decline - Bloomberg
Market Flash PMI Releases for Germany France and the Eurozone - MarkitEconomics
Stiglitz Sees Significant Risk of Europe Recession - Bloomberg Video
Europe Recession Threat 'Overwhelming,' Barclays Capital Says - Bloomberg Video
European Banks Get ‘False Deleveraging’ - Bloomberg
Nokia Siemens Cuts 17,000 Jobs, to Save $1.3B - MarketWatch
German bond sale fails to attract buyers - FT (possibly sub)
France, Germany to press euro zone treaty change - Reuters
U.K. is not immune to euro zone crisis - MarketWatch
To the eurozone: advance or risk ruin by Martin Wolf - FT (possibly sub)
Only way to stop the run on eurozone debt by George Soros and Peter Bofinger - FT (possibly sub)
Buffett Doubts Euro Survival; Says System Is Flawed -
Norway shipper Frontline warns on covenants - MarketWatch

From the November Markit Flash Eurozone PMI

1) "Flash Eurozone PMI Composite Output Index at 47.2 (46.5 in October). Third monthly decline."

ƒ2)Flash Eurozone Manufacturing PMI Output Index at 45.8 (46.6 in October). Fourth monthly decline, lowest reading since June 2009"