Links: IMF/Italy, EFSF, Moody's on Eurozone, Ackman vs. Icahn, Fed Loans to Banks

Articles today are on Europe, Eurozone sovereign ratings, Fed loans to banks between 2007-2008, Ackman vs. Icahn beef and China property curbs. I'm seeing some 'risk-on' action this morning: E-mini S&P future +2.51% at 1,182; EUR/USD +0.51% at 1.33531; Gold spot +0.51% at 1,714.79; and oil is spiking right now +3.03% at 99.72.

IMF denies in Italy aid talks - Reuters

Euro bailout fund leveraging rules ready (EFSF): documents - Reuters

IMF Italy Loan Report 'Wide of the Mark,' BBH's Chandler Says - SF Gate

IMF readying '€600 bn rescue plan' for Italy - AFP (see above)

The eurozone really has only days to avoid collapse Wolfgang M√ľnchau - Financial Times

Germany, France examine radical push for eurozone integration - Reuters

Germany, France plan quick new Stability Pact: report - Reuters

Euro "Stability Union" could be achieved fast: Schaeuble - Reuters

Mounting Euro Breakup Risk Seen by Banks - Bloomberg

Inner Workings of Currency Trades Are Being Readied for Euro Breakup - WSJ

Moody's: Rising Severity of Euro Area Sovereign Crisis Threatens EU Sovereign Ratings -

The Entire Sovereign Debt Crisis Can Be Understood By Looking At Sweden Vs. Finland - Business Insider

The Euro Curse by Paul Krugman - NYT (replied to BI)

Belgium downgraded by S&P as Europe crisis darkens - Australian

German wise man sees real disaster if ECB doesn't act - Reuters

French unemployment rose in Oct, figure "not good": minister - Reuters

Goldman: "As The Endgame Approaches, The Rally In AAA-Euro Area Sovereign Bonds No Longer Seems Sustainable" - ZeroHedge

Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B - Bloomberg

Chart of the day, Morgan Stanley bailout edition - Felix Salmon

China’s Li Says Property Curbs to Stay: Xinhua - Bloomberg

and last but not least

Two Wall Street Titans, and a Seven-Year Tiff (Bill Ackman vs. Carl Icahn) - New York Times