Links: MF Global Drama, Italian Debt Crisis, Jefferson County Bankruptcy, Fannie Mae Aid

MF Global drama

Chicago's Harris Bank plays role in MF Global mess (Reuters)

MF Global Assets Have Left The Building: How, When, Where by Francine McKenna (Forbes)

MF Dumped European Debt at Loss Before Bankruptcy (WSJ)

MF Global's Customer Assets - STOLEN - And Nothing You Hold In This System Is Safe (Jesse's Café Américain)

Two MF Global Clients Spill About Their Frozen Accounts -- "It Was Like Being In The Twilight Zone." (Business Insider)

Wolfman Wednesday- Elvis (MF funds) have left the building (OptionMonster TV)

Chris Whalen on MF Global, Repo-to-Maturity and Large Bank OBS exposures (Zero Hedge)

Italian sovereign debt crisis and European news

Italy Bond Attack Breaches Euro Defenses (Bloomberg)

Crisis in Italy spurs fears of euro zone break-up (Reuters)

Italy’s Senate Speeds Austerity Vote (Bloomberg)

BlackRock Responds To Zero Hedge Query On Its Italian Debt Exposure (Zero Hedge)

France Extends Short-Selling Ban on Banking Shares (CNBC)

Italy 2s10s Inverts For First Time Since August 1994 As French and Spanish Spreads Widen To Records (Zero Hedge)

ECB's Stark warns EU govts against seeking ECB help (Reuters), needs fiscal union (Bloomberg)

Euro zone has no plans to rescue Italy: officials (Reuters)

Soros: European governments have the bazooka (7:56) (Reuters Video)

Lagarde Sees Risk of 'Lost Decade' for Global Economy (Bloomberg Video)

EU sees euro zone growth slowing sharply, recession risk (Reuters)

Italy CDS vs bonds: CDS win! (FT Alphaville)

Moody's assigns Aaa rating to EFSF's new 10-year benchmark bond (for Ireland) (Moody's)

Volatility Sonar Report - 35ish to 45ish November 9, 2011 (OptionMonster TV)

U.S. housing, municipal and student loan news (mainly in MI)

Fannie Mae taps $7.8 billion from Treasury, loss widens (Reuters)

U.S. Foreclosure Activity Hits 7-Month High in October (RealtyTrac)

Jefferson County bankruptcy documents (The Birmingham News)

Dave Bing: Emergency manager threat for Detroit is real (Detroit Free Press)

Flint, Michigan moves closer to getting emergency manager (Detroit Free Press)

Inkster is the latest Michigan city in 'financial stress' (

As student debt grows, so does the number of students who default on loans (Muskegon Chronicle

China, Japan, South Africa and India

China's ICBC Has Biggest Fall in 3 Years After Goldman Cuts Stake (CNBC)

Hong Kong’s Tsang Sees Risk of Recession After Europe Erupts (BusinessWeek)

This Is The Chart Broke Bill Ackman's Heart Yesterday -USD/HKD (Business Insider)

Johannesburg, South Africa is facing a liquidity meltdown (TimesLive)

Moody's reviews five South African banks for downgrade (BusinessLive)

Moody's lowers outlook for India's banking system (Times of India)

Ex-Olympus Officials Face Prison If Fraud Proved, Down 81% Since October 14! (Bloomberg)

Olympus Shows ‘Japan Way’ No Longer Excuse (Bloomberg)

Nomura denies involvement in Olympus cover-up (Financial Times)

Moody's places Nomura's Baa2 rating under review for possible downgrade -on profitability (Moody's)

Nomura Statement on Moody's Announcement (Nomura Press Release)

Nomura Hits Low Not Seen Since 1974 (Bloomberg)