ROBOT WATCH: PETMAN, Asimo and Watson (Videos)

PETMAN (Boston Dynamics)
Check out what's new with humanoid robot technology and artificial intelligence natural language computer systems. First, I embedded a video of a computer named Watson, designed by IBM, beating human beings (former champions I believe) at a game of Jeopardy. When asked a question, Watson's algorithms analyze relationships between words within its knowledge base (source documents), and then it ranks the best answers based on evidence. See the second video for a better understanding. People at IBM working on Watson believe it will transform the customer service, finance (banking) and health care industries.

Next, I embedded a new video of Boston Dynamic's PETMAN humanoid robot, which is essentially a terminator that can walk on a treadmill, get down on one knee, and even do push-ups. It is amazing. They need to put Watson's brain inside PETMAN's head. How will human labor survive this? I also embedded a new video of Honda's Asimo running around. Cool technology.

Watch Watson on Jeopardy and "The Science Behind an Answer" (for more videos visit IBM's Watson channel on Youtube)

PETMAN (via Boston Dynamics) h/t

Asimo built by Honda (via Telegraph)


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