Discussion With Eric Schmidt at Salesforce Dreamforce Conference (Video)

Image source: Youtube
I found an interesting discussion with Eric Schmidt, executive chairman and former CEO of Google, at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference on September 1, 2011. Here are forward looking thoughts from Eric Schmidt on the mobile industry.

"What I do know is that the next generation of these leaders will be something involving mobile, local and social, which are the terms we use today for the way people live and work. So we've exhausted, right, the legacy if you will of the Xerox..."

"If you go back to the history of PC platforms, they were essentially invented in Xerox PARC where I worked in the mid-seventies. And, so you have something which is, you know, 35-40 years old. We've exhausted what can be done with that kind of a platform. There's a new kind of platform, which is this powerful programming platform; the quick hits, the quick ways, the quick knowledge, the quick access to information. And, there's a new generation that will emerge that will use that."

"So it's every reason to believe that this next generation of programmers coming out on these platforms will build mobile applications first; and that the best programmers, the best talent, the best vendors, will offer mobile services [you (Salesforce) of course have a significant mobile presence now already] and that the next generation of such startups will be based on that."

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