Greenlight Capital Re's Short Exposure to Sovereign Debt in Q3 (GLRE)

GLRE (Greenlight Re) -
Bloomberg has an interesting article on Greenlight Capital Re's short exposure to European sovereign debt. Greenlight Capital Re is a public specialty property and casualty reinsurance company. David Einhorn, who runs the hedge fund Greenight Capital, is the chairman and majority owner (17.1% via class B shares) of Greenlight Capital Re Ltd (GLRE).

"Greenlight Re reported in an Oct. 31 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it sold credit swaps on sovereign debt with a face value of $294.6 million during the third quarter. The firm also sold short $153.8 million worth of non-U.S. sovereign debt, according to the filing." (continue reading at

Interesting maneuver from synthetic to cash shorts (shorting the actual government bond rather than using a credit default swap). Read the article for more info. $GLRE went public in 2007 and got smashed by the financial crash, but is now back trading around the initial IPO pop. Definitely a stock ("risk manager") to keep an eye on. Are there any other quality public reinsurers with a market cap less than $1 billion?

Hat tip Valuewalk