EURUSD Sells Off Sharply At Resistance, ECB Could End Rate Hikes (Links/Charts)

Corn ETF Breaks Out On Lower Yield Projections (USDA, Pro Farmer Tour), Corn Future Near June Highs

Live Coverage of Hurricane Irene (WCBS-TV New York, NASA Image)

Bernanke's Jackson Hole Speech Text; No QE3 But Reiterated Low Rates, Policy Tools (8/26/2011)

EUR/USD Action Before Bernanke's Jackson Hole Speech, GDP Report

European Bank Credit Default Swaps (RBS CDS Spread) Make New Highs Even After Bailouts!

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple (Resignation Letter), Tim Cook Named CEO (Press Release)

Gold ETF is Testing Resistance On Two Trend Lines (GLD, GLD/SPY, USD, UUP Charts) 8/23/2011

Recap of Today's BofA Drama; BAC Blames Henry Blodget For Stock Sell Off

Bank of America CDS Back at 2009 Highs (XLF, BAC, C, WFC, BAC CDS, Clog Index Charts)

Felix Zulauf Sees S&P Bottoming at 500 (Book Value), Bullish On Gold (Price/Book Ratio Chart)

Libyan Opposition Forces Now In Control of Tripoli (Al Jazeera English Video Clips)

South American Farmland Co. Adecoagro is Soros' Largest Holding As of 6/30/2011

Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index Falls To -30.7, Lowest Since March 2009

German DAX Composite Down 20.62% Since Beginning Of August (Chart)

EUR/USD Formed New Channel, Waiting For Big Catalyst (Technical Update, Articles)

Chavez is Nationalizing Venezuelan Gold, Rusoro Mining Chart, China Forecasts Cut (Links)

Technical Views From Louise Yamada and Tom DeMark (8/16/2011)

Prechter: Wave 3 is Broader and Stronger, Deflation Gaining Upper Hand Again

Soros: US Markets See Recession Ahead, Not Shorting Euro (China Has Interest)

10 Year Treasury Note Yield Near 1941, 2008 Lows (1.95%, 2.04%)

Linkfest For 8/15/2011

Secular P/E Ratio Bears vs. S&P Earnings Yield-Treasury Spread Bull

Ukraine to Cut Gazprom's Umbilical Cord? - Guest Post

Links: Gundlach, Prechter, Nenner, Koo, Whitney, Grantham (Deflation Theme)

S&P Bounced Off 200 Month Moving Average, Could 50MMA Cross The 200MMA?

Judgment Day Near For EUR/USD, SocGen and French CDSs Widen (AAA Rating a Risk)

CMA Adds CDS Data On Key Sovereign Debts To Its Free-of-Charge Daily Marketflash

China's 5Y CDS Broke Out To Early 2009 Levels, FXI at 2010 Support Level (Charts/Links)

FOMC Statement: Downside Risks To Economic Outlook, Low Fed Funds Rate Through Mid-2013

David Rosenberg's Views On The Stock Market, Economy and Fed Meeting

Daily Technical Report By MIG Bank (August 8) - EUR/USD, USDX Featured

Obama's Statement On U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade (Full Text/Video)

The S&P 500 Makes New Low In Gold, That Is Not Normal (SPX, VIX, VXX, GLD/SPY)

S&P Future Down Over 2% Pre-Open, Watch Peter Lee's Targets (1,120-1,150)

Links: US Downgrade, Goldman Targets, Bill Gross, Hussman, Alan Greenspan - 8/8/2011

Jim Rogers: Japan Tried It This Way and Their Stock Market is Down 75%

ECB President's Statement on Securities Markets Programme (Bond Buys), EUR/USD Reaction

Tel Aviv 100 Index Down 7% After Growth Warning, US Downgrade and Inflation Protests

S&P Downgrades U.S. to AA+ On Political Risks, Rising Debt Burden; Outlook Negative