S&P Downgrades BofA, Chris Whalen's Views ($BAC Closed At 5.08)

Prechter: "The Trend Is Exhausted", Witnessed Historic Reversal In Credit Supply In 2008 (Video)

Fitch Keeps U.S. Credit Rating at AAA, Outlook Revised to Negative

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S&P and IMF Warn Japan About Debt, JGB CDSs Rise (Charts)

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Rare Steve Jobs Interviews on NeXT Computers (1986, 1990)

Groupon Sold Off Another 15%; Put Options, Implied Volatility Spike As GRPN Trades Below IPO Price

Intense Euro Linkfest, Charts (Banks, Economy, Bond Yields, EUR/USD) - 11/23/2011

HSBC Flash China Manufacturing PMI Falls to 48, Output Index Falls to 46.7 (Most Since March 2009)

Groupon Lost 14.8% Yesterday, Social Media Stocks Destroyed In November (GRPN, LNKD, P, OPEN, Z)

Spanish 3-Month and 6-Month Bill Yields Spike at Auction, Both Over 5% (Chart)

Moody's Warns France, CDS Hits New High, Fitch Warns U.S. 'Super Committee'

Interesting MF Global Commercials, Trustee Says $1.2 Billion Missing

E-Mini S&P Testing 50DMA, Deficit Reduction Committee Tries To Strike Deal (Video, Charts)

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Spanish 10-Year Note Yield Makes New High, Then ECB Pushes It Down (11/17/2011)

Videos of Protests in Greece and Italy Today (11/17/2011)

Live Video of Occupy Wall Street at NYSE, Why Don't They Start Their Own Wall Street?

Distressed Link Arbitrage (11/16/2011)

10-Year French-German Spread +11% at 1.83, Belgium-German Spread +9.28% at 3.07, Italian CDS...

David Rosenberg on Whether the U.S. Faces a Japanese-Style Lost Decade (Munk Debate Video)

Gerald Celente Explains How He Got Burned By MF Global (Video)

CLSA's Chris Wood: Risk of "Euro Quake" During Crisis, Watch French-German Yield Spread

Groupon (GRPN) Options Arrive On Monday At CBOE

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Italian 10-Year Note Yield Spikes to 7.41%! Italy-German Spread is At 5.67 +14%, EUR/USD Smacked Down

ROBOT WATCH: PETMAN, Asimo and Watson (Videos)

Ray Dalio's 2009 Hedge Fund Award Speech On Bridgewater, Uncorrelated Alpha and Beta

Ray Dalio on Charlie Rose: We Have a Public and Private Sector Debt Issue, Deleveraging, Tapped Out Stimulus

Fed's November Economic Projections, FOMC Statement and Bernanke's Press Conference (11/2/2011)

Jefferies Discloses All Current Positions In Sovereign Debt Of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain

Jim Rogers: Next Economic Slowdown Will Be Worse Than 2008

Unemployment Rate Is At 9.0%, Needs To Keep Trending Down (Charts)

ECB Cuts Rate to 1.25%, Papandreou Calls Off Referendum, SPY Testing Ceiling Resistance Again

Jefferies Statement on European Sovereign Debt Exposure (JEF -7%, LUK -5%)

Greek Bond Yield Update: 1-year GGB Yield At 224% (11/2/2011)

Jeffrey Sachs vs. Niall Ferguson on Occupy Wall Street Movement (CNN Video)

SPY, EUR/USD Make Lower Highs, Greek Referendum Analysis

10-year Italian-German Bond Spread Hits 4.52, New High; EUR/USD, Banks Are All Red