2012 Outlooks: Morgan Stanley, Bridgewater, Ron Conway, World Ending...

2012 outlooks

Morgan Stanley's 2012 Forecast: S&P Will Close Year At 1,167, Sees Consensus As Too Optimistic (ZeroHedge)

Bridgewater Takes Grim View of 2012 (WSJ)

Where angels will tread: "Ron Conway, special adviser to SV Angel, points to areas where start-ups will create the next billion-dollar companies." (The Economist)

RBC's Tom Porcelli: Base case is housing falls 5-10% in 2012. However, with shadow inventory included, the clearing price would be 30% lower (CNBC Video - PragCap)

5 Key Factors for 2012: DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Gundlach (CNBC via Gary Kaminsky, video)

JPMorgan Forecasts S&P 500 Will Rally to 1,430 Next Year (Bloomberg)

You’d Better Sit Down for This: Thomas Lee Sees Stocks Soaring in 2012 (WSJ - MarketBeat)

Nomura's Bob Janjuah: S&P Moves 35% Lower, 90 EPS x 9 P/E = 810 (Video, SPX Chart from 12/4/2011)

Bob Janjuah Answers The Six Biggest Questions Heading Into 2012 (ZeroHedge)

Mark Zandi's U.S. Macro Outlook 2012: Diminished Expectations (Moody's Analytics)

Goldman (Jan Hatzius) On The Five Key Questions For 2012 (ZeroHedge)

Brace Yourself For An Eventful 2012 (Vincent Cignarella, currency strategist/journalist for DJ FX Trader) (WSJ)

Nomura: 7 Key Calls For 2012 (Pragcap)

Other news

Table showing sovereign debt payments scheduled for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (Bloomberg)

World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6 Trillion Bond Tab as Rally Seen Fading (Bloomberg)

A Quick And Dirty Look At Japan's Nearly ¥1 Quadrillion In Debt (ZeroHedge)

Yes, the Market is Getting What it Wants. The ECB is Easing (Chart of Balance Sheet) (WSJ)

Hu Says West Is Trying to Divide China by Using Ideology, Cultural Weapons (Bloomberg)

Traditional lenders shiver as shadow banking grows (FT)

Interesting chart: NYSE stocks above their 50-day SMA / NYSE stocks above their 200-day SMA (Evil Speculator)

Commercial Mortgage Refinancing Chances Dim as 2007 Deals Mature, S&P Says (Bloomberg, The CRE Review)

Lastly, according to the Timewave Zero mathematical model created by Terence McKenna, the world ends on 12/21/2012. Good luck!

Timewave Zero chart (source: Wikipedia)