Euro at inflection point in two channels (EUR/USD) 1/6/2012

EUR/USD broke support and then sold off to test (and actually form) a new channel support level (yellow line). You can see on the daily chart that it just bounced off that level. It is positioning for the U.S. employment report. EUR/USD is testing resistance in the steep white descending channel ("death channel") and support in the yellow descending channel just formed. The weekly chart shows a clearer view of what's been happening. If the euro can catch a bid here, a key resistance level to watch is 1.2873, or the January 2011 low. If EUR/USD can successfully destroy that downtrend line, it could rally up to that red ceiling and possibly to the yellow channel resistance level at some point. If it continues to slide, 1.2587 and 1.1875 are the next floors to watch. I say death channel because if the euro wants to test channel support, it is around 1.14 in January and 1.08-1.10 in February (see the third chart).

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