EURUSD Needs To Break Downtrend, Big Move Coming Either Way

EUR/USD is trying very hard to break through that downtrend line in the death channel. It tried for the fourth time earlier this morning but couldn't manage. It is inside both channels again and needs to decide which path to take. If it can breakout of the death channel with confirmation, 1.3146 is the next resistance level and then between 1.34-1.38 through March. Billions of Italian and Greek bonds mature in the next two months. If EUR/USD continues to ski down this slope, 1.18 support is next and then 1.08-1.10. Interesting article at Zero Hedge: A Shocking €1 Trillion LTRO On Deck? CLSA Explains Why Massive Quanto-Easing By The ECB May Be Coming Next Month.

A lot going on: S&P Downgrades France, EFSF; Greece Defaults Shortly (EUR/USD, Bond Yield Reactions)