EUR/USD Moving On LTRO, Greek Bailout, Eurozone Rescue Package

A lot is going on in Europe...

1) The G20 is working on a $2 trillion rescue package for the eurozone;
2) An IMF 'firewall' fund could include Japan and China (Zhou);
3) The German parliament is voting on the Greek bailout package;
4) The ECB's next 3-year LTRO offering is scheduled for Wednesday (long-term refinancing operation);
5) This could be the last LTRO: "ECB Won’t Commit to Further LTRO, Asmussen Tells Handelsblatt".

EUR/USD is close to testing the 200 day moving average and resistance in the trading channel. It is currently down 0.17% at 1.34274.

EUR/USD weekly chart

EUR/USD daily chart with moving averages

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