Links For 2/18/2012

"The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", Presentation by DoubleLine Capital's Jeff Gundlach - Business Insider (Slides)

Credit Suisse The Sequel: "Probability Of The Largest Disorderly Default Loss In History On March 20 Has Increased" (Greece) - Zero Hedge

JPMorgan Gets Bullish as BofA Says Yields Entice: Credit Markets:  - Bloomberg at SF Gate

JP Morgan's Thomas Lee Has 1,430 Year-End Target For S&P 500 - Bloomberg Video

Morgan Stanley: January Exhibited This Tell-Tale Sign Of A Market Top - Business Insider

China’s Housing Market in ‘Mother of All Bubbles,’ Grantham, Mayo Says - Bloomberg

Jeremy Grantham's investing strategies for 2012 (bearish on bonds as well) - CBS Money Watch

Rogers Favors Euros and Avoids Pounds, U.S. Stocks (likes Renminbi) - Bloomberg

Gold Bulls Expand as Billionaire Paulson Says Buy - Bloomberg

Paulson’s Math Seen Failing as Hartford Mulls Breakup: Real M&A - Bloomberg

How We Work Now, In America -

ECB Greek Bond Swap Plan May Subordinate Holders, Weigh on Euro, UBS Says - Bloomberg

ECB’s Greek Bond Exchange Spurs Likelihood of Credit-Default Swap Payout - Bloomberg

Greece Identifies 325 Million Euros in Cuts Needed for Bailout - CNBC

China Cuts Bank Reserve Reqs; Exports ’Grim’ - Bloomberg

Rail Traffic Data at AAR (2/16) - Pragcap

Lehman and Its Creditors Seek to Subpoena Geithner - NYT at Yahoo Finance

New York Seeks to Pursue Ernst & Young Lehman Fee Suit (to "disgorge" $125M in fees from Lehman's Repo-105 transactions where they hid billions of debt) - BusinessWeek

Jefferies Loan Syndication Deal for Harbinger Fails if CEO Falcone Charged - Bloomberg

Harbinger Investors Sue Over LightSquared - WSJ

Falcone Said to Be Seeking Spectrum Swap to Salvage LightSquared - Bloomberg at SF Gate

Congress extends payroll tax cut, sends to Obama - Reuters

Record $6 Trillion of Fake U.S. Bonds Seized - Bloomberg

I was in New Orleans for a few days and saw the initial levee that broke during Hurricane Katrina, which put parts of the city under 12 feet of water.

The "17th Street Canal Floodwall".

The other side.