Links: Greek Bailout Deadline, Explosions in Homs, Syria (Video)

Syria and Greece are in the news tonight.


Greece reaches make-or-break moment: (eKathimerini)

PM’s talks with leaders spill over deadline (eKathimerini)

Greek Leaders Agree on a Rescue Framework (Bloomberg)

Greek parties face EU bailout deadline (International Business Times)

Britain Prepares for Worst as EU Struggles (Bloomberg)

French socialists’ Latin revolt against Germany (The Telegraph)

IMF: Europe could hit China, hard (beyondbrics, Financial Times)

China Risks Growth-Rate Cut if Europe Worsens (Bloomberg)

Agreement on the main issues with political party leaders (Greek Prime Minister) via Zero Hedge

Athens, 5 February 2012

The Prime Minister and the leaders of the three political parties supporting the government met in order to jointly decide on the main elements of the agreement with the troika regarding Greece’s new economic program in the framework of the new loan agreement.

The Prime Minister and the political leaders agreed on main issues, including:

1) The adoption of measures, in 2012, aiming to reduce public spending by 1.5% of GDP.

2) Safeguarding the viability of auxiliary pension funds.

3) Addressing the competitiveness deficit by taking measures including the reduction of wage and non-wage labor costs, aimed to support employment and promote economic activity.

4) The recapitalization of banks through a combination of measures that safeguard public interest and ensure the banks’ managerial autonomy.

The Prime Minister and the political party leaders will meet again tomorrow to conclude their talks on the content of the program."


China defends Syria veto, doubts West's intentions (Reuters)

Anger after Russia, China block U.N. action on Syria (Reuters)

Activists: Syrian troops pound Homs neighborhoods (AP)

Footage of loud explosions heard in Homs, Syria (Video from SmartLive1 on, embedded below)

Syria crisis: Heavy shelling resumes in Homs (BBC)

British minister lashes out at Russia-China veto at UN (Ottawa Citizen)

Hillary Clinton warns of 'brutal civil war' in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

and this is interesting

Insight: Two firms flourish in frenzied MF Global aftermath -R.J. O'Brien Associates (Reuters)

Here is the video I was watching earlier live in Homs, Syria with loud explosions close by (courtesy of SmartLive1 on via @ahmed on Twitter).