Links for March 12, 2012: Fund Managers, Strategists and Economists

Here are interesting views on the market and economy from fund managers and strategists I follow.

Man and machine: The economic ideas of the world’s most successful hedge-fund boss, Ray Dalio (Economist)

Jim Rogers Interview with Business Insider on oil, agricultural commodities, gold, and China (Business Insider)

John Hussman: Warning: A New Who's Who of Awful Times to Invest (Hussman Funds)

Yale's Robert Shiller on housing and stocks (interviewed by CNBC and Associated Press)

Gary Shilling's 6 Favored Asset Classes (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Bill Gross's March 2012 Investment Outlook (PIMCO)

No More QE? Bill Gross Isn't Buying It, As Total Return Fund MBS Holdings Surge To New All Time High (Zero Hedge)

Scott Minerd on the debt crisis in Europe, Treasury yields, and Central Bank liquidity (Guggenheim Partners)

McLellan Financial: Gold ETF Investors Were Not Scared Away (Price/Tonnes of gold) (McLellan Financial)

Decision Point: Gold is not a guaranteed winner in times of crisis (PragmaticCapitalism)

Dennis Gartman on gold and stocks (CNBC)

Roubini: Portugal to Fall, Greece to Leave Euro Zone: (CNBC)

Goldman's Hatzius: 2 Reasons US GDP Is Going To Stay Weak (Business Insider)

Bill Ackman is bullish on housing (CNBC video), and more Ackman/Icahn beef (ValueWalk).

$200 Oil and the Moscow-Beijing Alliance: Interview Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer (Foreign Policy h/t Business Insider)

OECD Gives Up the Oil, to the Developing World (

Jim Grant: The Fed is manipulating perceptions of risk (interest rates), bullish on gold and housing (CNBC)

Thomas Lee: ‘Healthy Market’ Could Suffer Three-Month Pause (from 1/27/2012) (WSJ)

Warren Buffett's 2011 Annual Letter (BerkshireHathaway)

Complete Paulson & Co. 2011 Letter (Zero Hedge)

Baupost's 2011 Annual Letter. A hedge fund run by Seth Klarman (Distressed Debt Investing)

Everyone seems to like housing... Is it because they own it? Or do they see a 2005 retest in the near future.