Quadrocopters Can Play Ping Pong, But Will Not Deliver You Tacos (Yet)

Source: TacoCopter.com
In non-financial fraud and destruction news, you first saw how quadrotors could fly in formation through obstacles. Well, now the video below (h/t tip Good.is) shows quadrocopters, built by the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control in Zurich, playing ping pong in flight. But, there's another quadrotor in the news that I think I'd use tomorrow if I could. According to PC Magazine, the site TacoCopter.com, which claims they will soon be able to deliver you tacos from a quadrocopter in SF, is a hoax. But, if quadrocopters can fly in formation through obstacles and play ping pong, how hard is it to deliver a taco? Use google maps and a camera? Look what the app looks like. I don't buy it, I think the hoax is a hoax. Now I'm hearing that it would be impossible to get a commercial FAA permit for this.

In other interesting robot news (h/t PC World), the Q.bo robot can map out its environment in real-time in 3D. In conclusion, if you're a food delivery associate or waiter/waitress, keep an eye on your potential competitors.