StockTouch App Review (Interactive Stock Market Heat Map For iPad, iPhone)

There's an interesting app available for the iPad and iPhone called StockTouch. It's an interactive stock market heat map that allows you to analyze sector performance, or specific stock performance, on an intraday to 5-year basis. They sent me the app for free to review (full disclosure), so here it goes. I mainly look at charts, but I think this interactive heat map is a valuable tool for market analysis, and could be even better with a few updates and additional markets.

When you open up the app, there are nine squares labeled as a sector (consumer goods, services, healthcare, energy, technology, financial, industrial goods, materials or utilities), and then each sector has a hundred stocks. So a total of nine hundred stocks and nine sectors can be monitored at once. You can then zoom in on the specific sector or stock. There's an option for U.S. stocks or global stocks.

I think the app is cool because the heat map displays more than just a stock or sector's percentage change in price that day. You can view the percentage change relative to the S&P, percentage change relative to the sector, or volume change relative to the 3-month average. And then you can sort the heat map by market cap, percent gain, volume, or by company name in alphabetical order. There is also a way to highlight your favorite stocks in the heat map and show the indices at the bottom (S&P, Dow, Nasdaq).

So, it's a great app. But, there are few things that would make it better, in my opinion. First, StockTouch doesn't have ETFs yet! It would be great to see how ETFs perform relative to the S&P throughout the day. Or, how about perform against anything you want? The other thing it doesn't do is update automatically. You have to hit the refresh button, or exit and enter the app again for it to refresh. So all it needs is more markets and live data. At the StockTouch support center they say they are working on all of this. Watch the videos. I see they are teaming up with StockTwits as well. So a heat map of tweet activity on stocks (see 4th video). The last two videos show what the heat map looked like during the debt ceiling and U.S. downgrade volatility last year. If this app had a streaming heat map of overnight futures and ETFs (even if delayed), I would mount this on my wall.

Intro to StockTouch from stevied on Vimeo.

StockTouch Navigation from stevied on Vimeo.

Stocktouch: Conversations from stevied on Vimeo.

StockTouch: Upcoming Features from stevied on Vimeo.

Stocktouch - Riding the storm from stevied on Vimeo.

StockTouch: 8/8 - 8/9 2011 from stevied on Vimeo.

"Two unbelievable and historic days of market gyrations in response to S&P's unprecedented downgrade of U.S. government debt. Monday August 8th saw a 5.5% drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, followed by a 3.98% rise on Tuesday August 9th in response to the Federal Reserve's announcement that it will keep short-term interest rates near zero through at least the middle of 2013.

This time-lapse video was created by taking successive screenshots of the StockTouch iPad app at 1-minute increments during both trading days."