The Most Important Links For Nov 30, 2012

Boehner and Obama Protect the S&P 500's 200 Day Moving Average

Thomas Lee Says Fiscal Cliff Deal + Mutual Fund Capitulation = $SPX Rallies Into Year-End

Chicago Fed National Activity Index Fell in October, Macro Links (Nov 26, 2012)

Bernanke: Federal Reserve's Tools Can't Offset Fiscal Tightening; U.S. Hits Debt Ceiling In Early 2013 (QE4 Possible)

Jeremy Siegel: Dow Hits 15,000-17,000 In 2013 (CNBC)

Poll Results Are In For $SPY and $TYX Year End Targets (11/15/2012)

$SPY Falls After President Obama's Remarks on Tax Hikes, Fiscal Cliff

Robert Prechter is a "Few Years Less Pessimistic" With Asset Prices Below Their 2006-8 Highs (Videos)

$ZNGA is Trading Below Book, Around Cash, and Has a $200 Million Share Repurchase Program

Groupon is Almost Trading at Cash and Book Value ($GRPN)

S&P 500 Pierces 200DMA at the Close ($SPX, $RUT, $INDU, $USD, 11/8/2012)

Speaker Boehner on Averting the Fiscal Cliff (Full Video/Text, 11/7/2012)

S&P Falls After Obama Reelected; Fiscal Cliff, Eurozone Growth Risks Remain ($SPY $SPX)

Watch Live Election Coverage via WSJ (8PM ET)

$FXI/$SSEC Ratio Makes a New High (Nov 5, 2012)

Tom DeMark Sees Major S&P 500 Sell Signal Near, Expects 12-17% Decline (10/25/2012)